In the new episode of the Body Transformation web series Brand New Me, Illinois-based Frank Marcosek shares how he struggled with weight and overeating for years. “If it has a dollar menu I was there,” he said, explaining how he would eat fast food most days. and usually eat before bed

during the heaviest Frank weighs 557 pounds and says he always makes a bold face for others’ sake. but always dealt with feeling unhappy The turning point came during a male friend’s weekend in 2019 when Frank and his friends go to a hockey match And found that he couldn’t sit comfortably in the stadium seat for more than a minute because it was so crowded.

“I remember getting up and crying,” he said. “I looked in the mirror and asked if I wanted to live or die.”

He knew it was finally time to change. So he strives to eat healthier. and start exercising He originally had a goal of walking 10,000 steps each day. But soon it was discovered that walking was as good for his mental health as his physical health. And he began to do more and more.

“I like to walk, I love the weather, I like being outside. I love the feeling of freedom,” he said. “I walk a total of half marathons every day.”

During the filming of this episode Frank revealed he now weighs 256 pounds, dropping 301 pounds in less than two years.

“I think I have to go through all these hardships in order to understand everything today,” he said. “I feel like I have more control than ever before. You can fix your body whatever you want. But until you set your head You won’t be able to stay sustainable by losing weight. many psychological The aspect of this is that I speak out loud. about my past experience It helped me to release all the feelings I had. but in a good way.”