Rowing exercises that burn fat and build muscle.

The cardio machines were once reserved for professional rowers. but not anymore

Today, thanks in part to CrossFit, rowing has had a moment. Boutique pie studios are booming. And rowing machines are common in many gyms. Every welcome box has rows of Concept2 rowers, and rowing competitions are growing in popularity as well.

“It’s a full-body workout that uses most of your body’s muscles in every stroke with little to no impact,” says group fitness instructor Lisa Niren and CITYROW trainer. Ridiculous cardio and muscle endurance.”

Eric Von Frohlich, Certified Level 1 Instructor and founder of EVF Performance and Row House NYC, compares it to other full-body cardio sports such as swimming and skiing. “Rowers tend to be more muscular than other endurance athletes. Their backs, shoulders and arms are thick and strong. A good and powerful stroke is similar to a Kettlebell swing or deadlift Because you have to use your core to allow the power from your legs to transfer to the handle.”

naturally Rowing is a vigorous movement. It’s basically a combination of barbell moves and barbell rows. That’s the perfect combination that everyone should make. By affecting the back muscles that can easily weaken from all the sitting that happened in society in 2019.

Rowing is also easy to program in any exercise. Because you can get tons of hydration from a rowing workout in just 10 to 15 minutes, and you can easily work on other equipment. Mix rowing with, say, kettlebell swings or other movements. An exhaustive routine Want some samples? Check out the exercises below.

Mix up 2000 meters

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Set the rowing machine to 2000 meters and set a timer. Start rowing with a powerful rhythm. This workout will help you complete your workout much faster. The faster you can conclude The less hollow stones you’ll need to make. meanwhile Making hollow rocks will help you paddle more fluently. This creates larger and larger vents during your rowing.

In addition, hollow stones help strengthen the boating job as well. Rowing teaches you to stretch at your hips. While hollow stones force you to control your hip extension. The combination of movements creates a well-rounded overall workout.

– Set your rowing machine to 2000 meters and start paddling.

– Every minute starts (so when the paddle hits 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 3 minutes, etc.), get out of the paddle and do the weighting. hollow stone Climbing stairs.

– The first time you get off the rowboat, make 5 hollow stones; the second time you get off the boat, make 6; Add one hollow stone each time you get off the ship.

– Set a goal to complete in 15 to 20 minutes.

The Row and Burpee Challenge

There’s nothing like a burpee punishment that will get you rowing as fast as you can. This rowing exercise will help you keep going. If you can speed up You will do burpees.

Game plan:

– You will do 5 rows of 500 meters. Your target goal: finish each row in 1:40.

– Take a 5 minute break between each round.

– If you finish below 1:40, enjoy the rest. If you finish over 1:40, count how many seconds you finish. You’ll do a lot of burpees (so if you finish in 1:50 you’ll do 10 burpees, if you finish at 1:42 you’ll do 2 burpees).

Bobby Maximus’ Row to Hell

You’ll need a partner and standalone paddle for this workout from experienced trainer Bobby Maximus. If you get together in the evening Let rest as long as you paddle. to give the body a chance to recover That means you can push yourself every distance, rowing as hard as you can. and work to explode

The rules for this one are simple. You and your partner are working on a ladder, giving each other breaks.

– Start by rowing 500 meters, then disembark from the speedboat and have your partner sit in the 500 meter row.

– Immediately get back on the boat and go 400 meters, then have your partner sit in the 400 meter row.

– followed by 300 rows each, followed by 200 and then 100 at the same pace

counting calories

A group of athletes exercising with rowing machines in the gym

This exercise begins slowly. but ended in prosperity The best part: It has a natural warm-up.

– Set the paddle count at 1 minute intervals. Your goal is to reach the required number of calories before each minute runs out.

– First minute, you row 5 calories, rest until the next minute, next minute, 6 calories per row, rest until the next minute. Keep working up the stairs.

– Aim for as many anniversaries as possible A workout ends when you can no longer meet the required number of calories in one minute.

– Try to complete the task at least 15 minutes.

from basic exercises

from basic exercises

direction: Warm up for five minutes. Then perform the following exercises in the order shown.

  1. Row 100 meters
  2. body weight squat, 10 times
  3. 200 meter row
  4. 10 bodyweight squats
  5. Alternate lunges back 20 times.
  6. Kneeling biceps curl for overhead press, 10 reps

is 1 round, do 3 rounds in total, resting when necessary.

Pumps and rows. Pyramid.

Pumps and rows. Pyramid.

direction: Warm up for 5 minutes, then do the following exercises in the order shown.

  1. Row the boat 100 meters as fast as you can.
  2. Bodyweight squat 5 times
  3. push-ups, 5 times
  4. mountaineer lifting feet, 5 times

is 1 round. Repeat for the following rounds. rest as needed But adjust the number of times according to the instructions below.

Round 2: 200-meter row, then repeat 10 times for each exercise.

Round 3: 300-meter row, then repeat each move 15 times.

Round 4: 200-meter row, then repeat 10 times for each exercise.

Round 5: 100-meter rows, then repeat 5 times for each exercise.

Finish with a plank, 60 seconds.

20 min Metabolic Thruster Blast

Man lifting kettlebell above his head during exercise

This whole-body explosion will set fire to your legs as you work your way through the pusher squat and deadlift-like moves the neighborhood demands. Get ready to break a killer sweat. You can do this exercise with dumbbells or kettlebells in addition to rowing.

Warm up for five minutes. Then perform the following exercises in the order shown.

– Row 500 meters as fast as possible

– Dumbbell or kettlebell thruster, 25 reps

– That’s 1 lap. Do 4 laps in total, resting between laps and the driver’s lap as needed. Aim to complete the exercise in 20 minutes.

Burp Bomb Challenge


Warm up for five minutes. Set the rower monitor to display calories. Row hard for 2 minutes. Remember your calorie score—that’s how many calories you’ll aim for in each next row. Now do 10 burpees in a row until you reach your calorie score from the previous 2 minute row. Now do 9 burpees, row again with the same calorie goal, then do 8 burpees. Continue this descending ladder pattern until you finish the round with just 1 burpee. Try to complete the exercise. as soon as possible Rest as needed Set a goal to complete in 30 minutes.