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You don’t go to the gym for no reason. You’re in the gym where you’re likely to be able to achieve some goals. And one of the most common goals in the gym is this: People want to get bigger.

They come to the gym to chase bigger muscles. or bigger muscles Then they do what they need to achieve that goal. The problem: most people really don’t know. what needs to be done to make it bigger

Ask the average gym guy how to build bigger muscles. And chances are, he’ll tell you to do what he’s doing: exercise repetitions and repetitions. With long breaks to take selfies or scroll through. his social media feed Or if the guy spends a lot of time on the Internet? He might think that high-intensity interval training is a secret for people of all sizes. (Pro tip: Not at all.)

by any means If there is no guidance Chasing size in the gym isn’t easy. Which is why there are so many men who practice that don’t get the desired results.

Good news, you don’t need to go to the gym for the blind again. With guides specifically designed to help you grow bigger. Most are borrowed from Chad Waterbury’s books. men’s health in a hurry, as well as a video exercise program by Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS, new rules of muscle

Ready to get BIG? then read on

big lift

How long have you been lifting weights? It must be very heavy only. So you’ll see the results. On one side, it’s a stupidly obvious point. Of course, you use more weight as you get stronger. But it’s easier than you might think to mess this up.

when you are a beginner You can increase the size and strength. As long as the weight you use in any exercise However, at least 60 percent of the amount you can lift for a single maximum rep. It’s a weight you can lift 15 to 20 times in one set. By any definition, it’s pretty light.

Although that percentage increases with experience. Most gym routines require at least 80 percent of your 1 rep max to grow bigger and stronger. Now, we’re talking about a weight that you might be able to lift about 8 times in a complete set. before there’s nothing left in your tank.

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You will need to use heavier weights to gain gains.

To be honest: Are you using weights heavy enough to fall within that range? If you tend to do multiple sets of 8 to 10 repetitions for each exercise. you wouldn’t do that To use 80 percent of your maximum for 3 or 4 sets, each set may consist of 5 or 6.

It will get harder from there. If you’re out of the mid-range — if you’re a serious lab rat and have been trying to keep exercising throughout your adult life. You may need 85 to 90 percent of 1-rep max to see real progress. In a regular workout with multiple sets of exercises each time. We’re talking 2, 3, or 4 reps per set. You should fail at least some of those scenes for a reason – lifting weights until you can’t help laying the groundwork for success on your next attempt. longer

You’ll see the problem: No one can lift the closest weight in every workout of every workout. You may run out of fire or injure yourself. And it won’t take long

Fortunately, there is one loophole.

fast lift

You know you should be lifting weights slowly and intentionally and under control. Yes, you should be “under control” — good form requires it. But there is a serious problem with “Slowly and deliberately”

The faster you lift The better the result, the better. If you are trying to increase the size The rapid lifting stimulates the muscle fibers that have the greatest growth potential. If you’re trying to slim down A quick lift will speed up your heart rate — and by expanding your metabolism — more than anything else. And if you try to grow stronger . . . how many times can you show your strength doing it slowly and deliberately? Even though it looks slow on the outside But you can bet that successful people try hard to get it done as quickly as possible.

Anything worth lifting is worth lifting quickly. As long as you control your weight and don’t let it control you. That means you’ll lose weight a little more slowly than you’re lifting. more later

Quit when you are ahead

Fast, heavy lifting uses more muscle fibers than slower, lighter lifting. But large and strong muscle fibers excrete very quickly. It usually takes no more than 15 seconds when they break up with you. You’ll have to fight the weight by using fibers that don’t work for the job.

Your body has two ways to tip you:

1. The speed of your repetitions is slower.

2. Your shape has changed. And you may reduce your movement distance or have to cheat to complete the range.

At that point, it makes more sense to finish the set than to continue with slower speed or poor form – think of those as your new benchmark for failed reps.

Yes, it can feel unnatural. After all, if the goal is to do 8 sets and your speed slows on day six You’ll need the discipline to finish the set before the seventh and eighth grind and shake.

focus on big muscles

Yes, biceps curls will help your biceps grow. But the biceps curl can’t and shouldn’t be the backbone of your workout. Lifting heavy weights is what will help you gain a bigger physique. causing the body to grow

That means focusing on barbells: bench presses, pull-ups and chin-ups, barbell rows, deadlifts, and squats. Aim to do at least one move in every exercise. It should be one of your first two exercises each day as well. To keep you as strong and fresh as possible and ready to move a lot of weight If you leave your big workout too late for a workout. You just don’t have the energy to do the same exercise.

So build your workout with your biggest lift first. lower chest exercise Start with a basic dumbbell press. This is the heaviest exercise in your daily routine. There are movement details, such as cable fly, near the end. Only after the bigger muscles are fatigued

Build your workout with your biggest workout first. then you will succeed

leg crush day

You know to focus on your biggest muscles and the ones that can carry the most weight. And no set of muscles can hold more weight than your legs. From bodybuilders to CrossFitters to powerlifters, almost every regular gym athlete has a squat and deadlift that is stronger than the bench press or the shoulder press.

That’s why you can’t skip leg day. (in case of meme “Don’t skip the leg day” isn’t enough to skip that point), and you can’t send a letter on the day either. When you go to the gym to train your legs To train hard and aggressively. You should train them as hard as you can with good form. and if you have knee problems You should do a good back squat first. This video can help you get started on that road.

perfect your technique

Talking about all this heavy lifting doesn’t mean you should bounce the weight off your chest when you do the bench press. Or lift the weight by lifting heavy objects or doing heavy half-squats.

You want to move heavy weights with precision. Not momentum! And that means learning how and when to use stops and stops. So you can be sure your muscles are working. And it means learning to raise with a specific rhythm. You always aim to lift your weight quickly. But losing weight? That’s another story.

For example, squat You want to stand strong and aggressive. (and fast!) as much as possible, but when you sit down take your time Think of squatting down in a controlled manner for 2 seconds, then holding the bottom position for 1 second, then standing up.

Learning to repeat this way will help you build muscle and control your body. equally important It will help you build a strong mind-muscle connection. It helps you understand the muscles you should be stimulating in each lift. Want more ways to stimulate the mind-muscle connection? Try these biceps moves from the new rules of muscle.

Have cardio take the backseat.

Yes, it’s good to train your cardiovascular system, and yes if you want to get rid of fat. You have to burn calories But if you try to get bigger You have to maintain that focus.

One common mistake people make when trying to gain size: They try to combine cardio with exercise. But that can hinder your ability to fit your size.

If you want to increase the size quickly Let’s focus on the size first. That means lifting heavy objects. and let your body recover from those heavy lifting. so you can lift heavy things again And that recovery will be hampered if you lift heavy objects. Then spend half an hour running on the treadmill instead of recovering properly.

There will be time to train your cardiovascular system later. After you get the size you want


True story: More practice isn’t always good. You destroy muscle tissue in the gym. That tissue grows back when you’re not training, so while it’s tempting to train as hard as possible, it’s tempting. But it doesn’t give you the expected results.

Your best training method Especially if you’re just starting out: Aim for intense, intense exercise that will require you to lift heavy weights every other day. So you might practice on Monday and rest on Tuesday. Practice again on Wednesday and rest on Thursday.

Daily practice can be done. And as you progress in the gym have a goal in that But if you start doing that at the start of your workout, you may gradually see a decline in your gym performance. You should get plenty of rest between exercises. so that you can attack each exercise with vigor.

class cut

Fitness classes these days are all the rage. But if you try to make it bigger and stronger That’s not the way to go. Your regular 1-hour fitness class isn’t built to help you build muscle. Designed to help you burn calories and sweat better.

If you want to gain muscle and size, you need two things a fitness class can’t offer. First, you need to get enough rest between sets. Remember that you are lifting heavy objects. And you can’t lift heavy if you have 15 seconds to combine before you have to hit your next set . . . whatever. Second, you need a program that targets specific muscles. Performing in a spin class or a boxing class won’t do that.

Those classes are fine if your goal is general fitness. But if you really need size? You have to cut fitness classes from your training regimen.

The smartest workout in the world

If you want to gain muscle quickly An old proverb has a saying that You have to train to be smarter. not heavier Try this exercise to get started.


Do a total of 25 reps of each exercise. By using a weight you can lift 4 to 6 times before your speed slows or your shape changes. Rest about 60 seconds between sets.

1. Bench press

2. Inverted row

3. Deadlift

Tuesday: rest


Do a total of 40 reps of each exercise with each arm or leg. By using a weight you can lift 10 to 12 times before your speed slows or your shape changes. Repeat each exercise before resting, resting 45 seconds between sets.

1. Mixed dumbbell presses (do 4 full groups instead of 10 to 12 repetitions)

    2. Single-arm dumbbell row

    3. Kettlebell Rotational Lunge to Walk Lunge (do 6 reps per leg)

    thursday rest


    Do a total of 15 reps of each exercise. Using a weight you can lift 2 to 3 times before your speed slows or your shape changes. Rest about 90 seconds between sets.

    1.Compound dumbbell rows (do 4 groups per side)

            2. Skull head

            3. Front squat