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5 Figure Day 2018 SCAM Review

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Name: 5 Figure Day

Owner: Brian Winters

Website: www.5figureday.com

Price: $1 trial then $25 or $99 per month

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What is 5 Figure Day?

Ultimately 5 Figure Day provides their members with training videos, tools, and resources for teaching people – even those with no experience – how to make money through buying solo ads.

For those who don’t know, “buying solo ads” is when a website owner has grown a substantially large email contact list and sells people the chance to send an email to their list advertising the free report being given away by the solo ad buyer.

This is a system you can BUILD and keep BUILDING into a potential full-time income.

Of course, that’s just as an affiliate…

5 figure day 2015

The 5FigureDay membership offers the potential for the kind of money you see in the screenshot above (along with huge email list building potential and lots more)

What to Know?

Making money by buying solo ads is actually a legitimate way that some people make a living online.

However, it is important to note that people who are interested in using this method to make money should be prepared to invest a large amount of money up front, and continually while they are establishing their business.

So while this training program will cost you $47, with a monthly membership fee of $97 for as long as you choose to remain a member, members also need to have investment capital of a thousand dollars or more to buy enough ads to start generating revenue.

“How nasty divorce threatened to trash his online income…”

Until he came up with a weird new system for bringing in up

to 1,155 subscribers a DAY…

And over $390 in cash per day on top of that… Before he knew what hit him!

5 figure day 2015 review

What is the benefit of becoming a 5 figure day paid member?

Each month there will be a “Reloaded” Website, a different high converting option page. You will also get autopilot leads as a paid member. Also as a member of 5 Figure Day, you will also have FREE access to their “Instant Traffic Bootcamp” Bryan Winters has added in this extra traffic generation training to help members get some traffic to their unleashed or reloaded websites. The training includes everything from free to paid advertising.

Bryan even tells you this in his video: “Now that does not mean that you can log in, press a button, and sit back as the money flows in…”

5 figure day 2015 scam review



The Pros & Cons

Although I may not like a bunch of things about a product, I always try to find something good, even if they really have nothing to offer.


  • Can make you money


  • No real product
  • Kind of pricey

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