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Fundamentals of Functionality You’ll feel (and see) that sincerity when you try the biceps blaster from the trainer. Paul Sklar, CSCS During the next arm exercise day for simple and efficient pumping

Sklar’s superset is simple: he performs 10 alternately. dumbbell biceps curls, and then alternate 20 pinch the hammer, turn around without rest

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in both exercises with proper and effective form It is important to ensure that all movement is from the elbow joint. brace your core pin your shoulders behind your back And don’t let your torso or hips move even the slightest to help propel the weight up and down. Hold the dumbbells firmly. Squeeze the handle to ensure you get the most out of every action.

Avoid the temptation to put each rep’s lower body in a “cold” position, keeping tension in the front of the arm at all times. It shouldn’t be easy—keep yourself in a consistent position on the job.

Sklar lost weight from the first workout. Alternate biceps for a second curl, hammer curls. This allows him to focus on strength during alternating curls (just 5 times per side), while zoning by volume and durability with curls. hammer hair

In addition, it is important to remember that each mechanism of curl pattern comes with its advantages. The traditional curl with the supine grip (palm) targets the biceps brachii. That’s because the biceps work not only to bend the elbow. It will also cause your arms to face up (for example, putting you in an upward position).

The hammer curl makes the load. arm muscles, prime mover of elbow flexion while your arms are deeper than your biceps This means that you can’t “see” for sure. The forearm growth expands the upper arm and allows your biceps to pop out.

Try this 3-round superset at the end of an upper body session or as a standalone routine on a fast-paced day.

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