In a new video on the YouTube channel, bodybuilders and influencers MattDoesFitness Join IFBB fitness model Kate Errington, who is just days away from the show, to train. As a fitness contestant, Kate needs to perform a 2-minute routine to show strength and agility. Just like posing like other bodybuilders. And the preparation before starting work reflects this.

They both started with fasting cardio. Today means a brisk walk for an hour, but other days can mean a HIIT workout. Then Kate offers a typical breakfast: “egg porridge,” that is, oatmeal made from egg whites. “You can’t taste eggs,” she promises, “it makes it fluff.”

After giving up on some unusual ingredients, Matt follows Kate to the gym for a full-body workout that includes sitting leg stretches, hamstring curls, pull-ups, side raises. Overhead presses and lat pulls “usually near the comp. I’m just trying to do my best,” she explains.

A post-workout meal is another gentle meal. Cod and zucchini. However, Matt has revised his approach on Kate’s weight loss plan: “Breakfast is terrible. It keeps the bar very low. So everything compared to breakfast is pretty good,” he said.

Kate then trained Matt through a few elements from a two-minute routine that accounted for two-thirds of the final score in her highly competitive fitness category. This includes four maneuvers: high kick, straddle or pipe grip, push-up and split, and after trying each one out, Matt sets out with a new homage to bodybuilders who compete in the elite category and have this physical need

“I feel it’s more open. and gives you the opportunity to practice and improve your skills,” he says of the difference between body and efficiency. “It takes elements that are out of control, like your genetics. And it minimizes those things.”

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