professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau underwent dramatic physical changes last year after He gained 20 pounds of muscle..

The 2020 US Open champion has worked with . Greg Roskopf At the Muscle Stimulation Technique (MAT), the pair have worked together over the past two years to develop strength through mobility. Last summer, DeChambeau and his team told Men’s Health that they have more time to build symmetrical strength in his core through exercises that focus on rotation, torso, flexion. legs, back straightening, and lateral bends. improve his nutrition The plan includes seven protein shakes per day.

DeChambeau took full advantage of last year’s quarantine period to train at home. It works by installing a full weight cable laying machine. He shares what he’s doing to stay in shape in a recent YouTube video, filled with montages from his daily workouts to inspiring band scores.

In this video, DeChambeau shows off a variety of resistance exercises that show how nearly every muscle group works. He uses the Prime cable machine to work his shoulders, arms, back and chest. He also gave Instagram followers insights into his cable training last year.

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But he also concentrated on hitting his leg hard. Seated Leg Bending, Extension, Hip Pull/Abduction and standing at the Achilles tendon

The golfer didn’t touch his weight in the video at all. But he showed strength by pulling up on the wooden fence he had installed the fingerboard. For another reinforcement movement He hit a wall and stooped down with a handstand.

for his core He spins back and forth between using the weights to do crunches. and cable machines to do weighted side bends and hit the ground for sit-ups with a lancet.

at the end of the video He appears to be back at the gym and working on Roskopf. At the end, you can see his progress, which DeChambeau emphasizes by bending the camera with a simple message: “Work hard.”