Calisthenics Pro Chris Heria He regularly posts content on YouTube where he goes into detail about food and exercise The map he used to support and heal the torn body. in his latest video He breaks down the exercises he does every morning to get the best start of the day. using only one pair of dumbbells

“If you try to build muscle every morning The best exercise you can do is compound exercise,” he says. “Composite exercises will gather more muscle groups and help you build more muscle. This will compound your daily muscle growth. This is different from working on an isolated or single muscle, which can be done during the day and with more time.”

The first move is diamond-cut push-ups. If this is too difficult, Heria recommends doing it on higher ground. “This is a great exercise to warm up your upper body. focusing on the abs, chest, shoulders and arms,” he says. Next up is the pushup handstand; Once again, Heria introduces variations. That can be done for different skill levels.

The third move is the dumbbell dunk, which Heria describes as He later demonstrates a weighted pistol squat—and recommends trying it out without weights in the first place.

The exercise also includes bending the dumbbells over the rows. and ends with the classic body-burning move: Burp.

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