Male athlete doing strength training on the gymnastics ring in the gym.

Grab your hands and chalk because the fifth and final workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open is here to wrap things up. You’ll have to choose your own adventure by adding ring muscles, rowing, and wall balls.

You can split the workload as needed. Unlike the previous four workouts this year, This means having a sensible strategy is more important than ever. Below you’ll find a tip from Henning Langer, one of the fitness scientists behind it. WOD science.

2020 CrossFit Open 20.5 Workout

  • 40 rings of muscle gain
  • Row 80 calories
  • 120 shots of volleyball

    Women’s Standard: 14-lb. ball to 9 feet.

    Standard men: 20 lbs. ball to 10 feet.

    Time limit: 20 minutes

    The clear bottleneck on day 20.5 is the ring muscle gain. So your strategy should revolve around that movement If you know you don’t have 1 chance to repeat, you want to do volleyballs and rows as quickly as possible. Or opt for a scaled version. This requires 40 chin-overbar pulls instead if you have shoulder problems. or any concerns About increasing the muscle ring that is causing you problems. to choose to do a pull

    What’s the deal with CrossFit Open 20.5 Workout?

    If you want to try increasing the muscle ring. (It might be your first time.) Langer has some advice on kipping. This may seem counterintuitive at first. Trust him on this and keep your swings to a minimum to get started. “Most people would be amazed at the possibility of a rigorous muscle gain. compared to the big hooves Because the hooves require more coordination, time, and self-confidence,” he says, no matter how you try to gain muscle. Just make sure you do it at the start of your workout and let your coach take care of your shape. Remember, pullups are definitely one option you should make if you’re in doubt about the rings.

    If you can build 5 to 10 reps, you want to alternate with rowing. not wall ball to help the biceps triceps and shoulders “similar to hand-stand push-ups. If the ring muscle dies from you You’ll have to wait too long for it to come back,” Langer said. “If you don’t repeat stop the ring muscle Don’t wait for them to come back. Get on the boat and paddle slowly.”

    If you eat to gain muscle for breakfast You want to get out of the goal with big sets and switch between them and the ball against the wall. It’s best to save the pie for the last time. Then you should pull hard. “It’s really worth it. If you can paddle at higher intensity and higher wattage. This is because the calorie output per stroke is higher,” Langer said.

    More manageable ways to manage fitness 20.5

    A group of athletes exercising with rowing machines in the gym

    A more intuitive way of thinking about 20.5 is 10 laps of 4 muscles and 12 balls if you spend 45 seconds for each movement. You will end at 15 minutes, 5 minutes left for the line. Because the average man eats about 20 calories per minute. So you should finish—in a perfect world—with 1 minute left.

    Whatever strategy will get you the highest score. This is the Open’s last workout, and since you’re free to do whatever you want, do it if you want it to be a 20-minute EMOM of 2 bands, that’s what it is. If you want to finish volleyball and paddle Then spend the rest of the time fighting to gain the first muscle. Do it. It’s unlikely you’ll finish everything. “Forty muscles are a lot,” Langer said. “Forty will kill most people.”