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Nothing hurts as much as a good abdominal exercise. Unless the exercise is the wrong exercise. And the metabolism you feel is not just your core muscles that are building themselves back into six packs. You know the feeling—it’s behind you.

You probably know to avoid sit-ups without proper form. that can cause back painBut if you still can’t figure out what to try next, here’s an idea: lie on your back like a dead cockroach in Kafka style. This move is called deadbug and it’s something you should add to the The drama of a safe and pain-free ab routine..

Men’s Health, a fitness consultant and Super Hero Trainer Don Saladino Just launched a workout on Instagram, “Death is a safe yet intense way to train your abs and core. while creating great movement throughout the body,” Saladino wrote on an Instagram post.

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Here’s how to safely pull Deadbug away from Men’s Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS:

  • Start with a strong lower back position. That means contracting your abs so you can push your lower back toward the floor. You can use a mat like Saladino to reduce additional stress. The goal is to eliminate any gaps between your back and any surfaces. The pencil should not fit in between.
    • Now focus on this position by extending one leg and the other arm. Extend as far as possible without losing grounded position. Don’t worry if you can’t get as far as Saladino; Movement becomes easier as you do more. It’s important that you fight to maintain your lower back position. Because this is the mechanism that really affects your belly. This will also test your shoulder mobility. If you start to bend your back You may be stretching your shoulders too much. Keep fighting to get your lower back on the ground.

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      Ebenezer Samuel cautions that maintaining form is paramount: “Deadbug works effectively only on your abdomen if you perform it correctly—and it’s very easy to claw while in motion and wonder why. So it doesn’t work.” Make sure to focus on the signal above. So the time you spend working like an insect doesn’t waste time.

      Ready to add a move to your repertoire? Saladino recommends doing 3 sets of 10 Deadbug sessions twice a week. as a warm-up or as an apostrophe in your workout.

      Want more moves from Saladino? check his man’s health superhero training programwhich can help you build a body that is worthy of an empowered hero.