There are more men on the moon who can lift 500kg, a fact that makes Eddie Hall a former HGV mechanic and The strongest man in the world In 2017, the forefront of strongman sports

“That almost killed me,” said Eddie Hall, who owns a genetic mutation that causes myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy – the ‘Hercules gene’ – after the tear. Half a ton off the ground at the Giants Live World Deadlift Championships. “The pressure on my body is surreal. I lost consciousness after that. I have a nose bleed Doing so is unhealthy.”

his leviathan efforts Still being beaten with an effort not losing to his friends

However, one of the favorite contenders to overthrow Hall’s attempt was crowned Hafþór Björnsson. The strongest man in the world In Manila, Philippines in 2018 knocked Hall off the throne.

in fact a year before During the 2017 tournament, when their feud began, the story: Björnsson was not allowed to represent during a Viking press conference, a controversial decision that cost the Icelanders one spot and see Hall won, a decision that Björnsson would later say “rob” him from the WSM tournament judge Magnús. Ver Magnússon voted for Björnsson’s no-rep and voted against him. (He would later be declared a judge for Björnsson’s world record-breaking attempt.)

Discord and bitter rivalry continue to scorch.

Since his WSM win in 2017 and his WR deadlift in 2016, Eddie Hall has withdrawn from the sport. This means that their relationship turned into a tug of war. separated by mutual respect and admiration for the sport. which is usually done online the best Two trades for YouTube views and Instagram likes, but the worst. The feud led Hall to view Björnsson as “unsportsmanlike and unprofessional”, “the weakest liar in the world” and “Garbage bags” and shared claims of bad conduct during the Strongman Hall competition. ‘Press Releases’ on social media in an effort to retract defamatory comments.

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destroy the unbreakable

There is a colossal common denominator that shatters the body between two great men — determined to break the previously unthinkable world record. On May 2, 2020, Björnsson plans to break Hall’s weightlifting record of 500kg. By pulling a weight of 501kg or more, it’s possible and walk away with a new deadlift world record. Catch? Due to coronavirus social distancing rules, Björnsson is now planning to try the lift at his home gym with friends and family. Instead, it’s a legitimate and punishing job with a neutral goal.

“We wouldn’t be talking about a 500kg weightlift if it wasn’t for me right now.”

It was a decision to play for a former basketball player and game of thrones A star in hot water among sports fans and friends, with polarized opinions on either side of the debate. While hosting a recent YouTube Q&A session, Eddie Hall released a thorough statement regarding Björnsson’s pending deadlift efforts. by giving details that he did not “Believe Iceland” but later clarified that he was referring specifically to Bjornsson.

Elsewhere in Hall’s Lives YouTube Q&AFans have asked “Personally, I think Thor [Hafþór Björnsson] should do more than 501[kg]As you broke it a lot before?” For those who didn’t know, by tearing 500kg off the floor, Hall broke the previous record of 463kg by Benedikt Magnússon. If he subtracts one kilogram or ten kilograms or 30 kilograms, it doesn’t matter,” Hall replied. “I would say I lost 37 kilograms in one day. I did something special. I broke that 500 kg barrier when everyone thought it was impossible. We wouldn’t even be talking about a 500kg lift if it wasn’t for me right now.”

However, his next comment on Bjornsson was the most surprising. “I’m fed up with people telling me to pull it. [a 501kg deadlift], ‘Thor’ especially, it hurts me to listen to it. I’m sick to death to see my name in a YouTube video title… It’s been using my success for his opinion, it’s been so painful to pull and pull, it’s been four years.”

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Can Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson pull “the heaviest deadlift ever in the history of strength sports”?

After years of grafting, ‘pulling’ was precisely what Björnsson planned to do. But the test environment and timing with the internet — and Eddie Hall’s mood — lit up.

“We’re entering this epidemic and there’s nowhere to escape,” Hall said, “and now he’s doing it in his home gym. He had a lot of chances – he was able to do so in Dubai late last year in Europe’s strongest man. [and at] Giants Live, I don’t feel right for me. Why not wait until this story ends ‘I don’t know this October’?

Moreover He didn’t bother to disrespect his strong friend. “If I do that People will call BS. So I called BS about Thor.”

In terms of response, Björnsson has yet to publicly applaud Hall, although more active on social media than at Hall. Recent Instagram Posts Shown that a 6’7″ Icelander lifts an “easy” 440kg off the floor to repeat.

Björnsson also claimed an unofficial “world record” by lifting the 480kg ‘Elephant Beam’, a longer and more flexible barbell designed specifically for the world record — in February 2020, the lift that fans believe. that the lift at 501 kg was more than it would have been possible in May. However, instead of the elephant beam, Björnsson had to use a standard lift beam with calibrated weight plates. which is a somewhat stiffer lift

regardless The feud between the two hasn’t stopped other athletes from stepping onto the field and weighing in on their fight for the 501. Brian ShawFour Time World’s Strongest Man Winner The nine-time WSM podium winner and three-time Arnold Strongman Classic winner posted a private video to 1.27 million YouTube subscribers earlier this week. By sharing his thoughts on the growing rivalry between Hall and Björnsson .

“There were a lot of factors in that race,” Shaw said of Hall’s 2016 deadlift world record at the Giants Live World Deadlift Championships. “The race was set for Eddie to pull that 500 kg… since then There has been a lot of discussion about ‘If someone breaks it,’ I feel like it’s a never-ending story.”

“Most importantly, Eddie Hall lifted 500kg in 2016 on a standard bar with calibrated plates, Shaw said. There has been a lot of discussion about Hafþór. [Björnsson] The ability to pull 501 kg to break that record. In Hafþór’s defense, he planned and said he would follow the 501kg effort in Bahrain in the sanctioned and unfortunate Ultimate Strongman tournament given the global situation at the moment. That match had to be cancelled.”

As Shaw explains This was the turning point of events that led to Bjornsson from Iceland trying to lift a 501kg in May. While Iceland hasn’t started a ‘lockdown’ like the UK or the US, Björnsson will attempt to set a record at his home gym, with ESPN and World’s Ultimate Strongman broadcasting and streaming live from the training facility.


In almost every major sport in the world There are relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that matches, competitions and matches Be fair and make unbiased decisions. The Olympics have the National Olympic Committee, football has FIFA, and weightlifting has the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) as its three titles.

The catch here — lucky for some. It’s unfortunate for others — even though it has grown in popularity. But there is no official governing body for strong sports. “What I would say is that there is no strong man governing body, no federation, no group of people or individuals who overlook this sport. Or say this is a world record, or ‘we’ll count it as a world record,’” Shaw explains on YouTube in this particular sport. The slack was created by those who carried out sanctioned activities — think Giants Live and World’s Ultimate Strongman — using bigger tournaments to check world records.

“There has to be a strong world record in competition.” – Brian Shaw

So when it comes to setting a strong man’s world record, Will we be able to stay out of events like we did before? It was such a controversial issue that even Shaw was reluctant to choose a side. Noting Hall’s skepticism about Bjornsson’s legitimacy. “When it comes to this [deadlift] A world record, in my opinion, needs to be done in competition. I would say not because anything with a stick isn’t what it should be. or the weight that is not weighed should be weighed.”

But Shaw’s hesitation came from either the competitive factor or the lack thereof. “When you’re in the race And how many men are competing beside you? You don’t specify when you’re going to lift… You don’t know how many men will go through to the next round. You don’t know how long it will take. They need time to clean. You don’t get any time for this. In practice, you will definitely run out of time. I know in training Especially when I’m making a big ‘peak’, I can last as long as I want to be ready for that lift and mentally prepared. When your name is called and the bar is loaded You have to go whether you are ready or not.”

Lift or not?

“In my opinion A strong world record has to be set in the race,” Hall said. As part of the sport, which largely originated from basements, warehouses and car parks, Strongman accelerated impressively. Will this be a step back?

“I really feel bad for Hafort,” Shaw said. “He trains and spends a lot of time preparing for it. But what if we started allowing Strongman recordings in the gym with that person’s equipment? We’re opening Pandora’s box. It will only create more controversy over whether the weight is correct. or the judgment is correct.”

“The situation is very difficult. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to be cancelled. So we had to set a world record in our gym and put it on camera.”

most important All of this probably wouldn’t have worked if Björnsson hadn’t been able to match and beat the 2017 WR at 500kg with a 501kg deadlift last May. However, the consensus is that everyone, even Eddie Hall, wants Hafþór to break the record and congratulate Hafór. situations that may arise but want to be under legal conditions

Moreover, there are rumors, predictions and ‘theories’ rummaging through the various forums that Björnsson will match 500kg during his race in May. But it will overcome it by a bigger margin later this year when restrictions are lifted and a strong season is resumed. However, for now, fans new and old have seen great success. Huge growth in this sport And an incredible example of human strength, to be honest, isn’t that the thing about sporting events? See you on the 2nd of May.

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