How to get rid of double chin | causes and treatment

Because anyone who accidentally turns on the front camera on their phone by mistake knows it all. A frightening double chin can creep up on you out of nowhere, frankly. photograph Here and a bunch of unflattering people get in there and all of a sudden you realize your jaw line—or lack thereof—in the bathroom mirror every morning. Uh, what’s going on?

double chin or ‘Subcutaneous fat’ that interferes with your selfies film roll It’s more than a layer of blubber under your chin, but before her. jump on the scalesKeep in mind that there may be some contributing factors behind your extra padding. Swallow them and you’ll learn how to get rid of your double chin for good. or at least until Christmas roll around

“A double chin has many causes,” explains Maxine Dornon, a worker at London’s. Karidis Clinic. “It may be hereditary. You may be prone to fat accumulation in that area. It can also be caused by a loss of skin elasticity which causes sagging – old age is also a cause of muscle wasting. Having a weak chin or jaw also contributes to a double chin.”

Deal with the cause of the double chin through consultation with a specialist, she advises. They will help you find the best treatment plan.

The reason your chin is growing

excess fat

Hitting the candy cabinet too hard is a common offender.”weight gain, weight gain, fatter This results in the accumulation of excess fat under the skin in various parts of the body, although some areas are weaker than others.” said a plastic surgeon and the company’s founder. Eterno 360 Clinic“While you can cover your growing tummy with looser shirts and pants, Many people are particularly nervous about fat accumulation under the chin as seen in society.”

How to get rid of double chin | causes and treatment

skin health

There is a negative correlation between the number of candles on your birthday cake and the amount of collagen on your face. from your early twenties The skin gradually loses its elasticity and sagging., fill your chin with your will You may be involved in accelerating the process from smoking And sunlight destroys your store too. “The shape of your chin depends on a balance between excess fat that pushes the skin outward and your skin’s ability to hold everything in place,” says Urso-Baiarda. The elasticity of the skin is also improved to maintain good shape.”

anatomy of the face

Your skeletal structure could be blamed, says Urso-Baiarda, “A slack chin and weak jaw means the skin is spreading out to a smaller area, such as a drum, that isn’t firm enough. “Under such conditions Slightly increased fat deposition or decreased skin elasticity may lead to a double chin.” This is why “Some people might be quite thin too. low fat but has a double chin,” explains Dr Ross Perry, medical director of . CosmedicsUK, “due to lack of projection in the chin and jaw”.

your gesture

Stop scrolling for a moment and check your neck. It’s possible that you are in double chin territory. (And in the last few minutes at least) Crane on your phone Or a laptop is bad news for your neck and chin. especially the platysma muscle, which connects And it reduces the flexibility around your jaw.


Flick through family photo albums. If you come from a long line of plump ancestors. There is a chance that you will inherit your inheritance. “Do you have a double chin? gene? Probably not,” Erso-Biarda noted. “But other factors Many more can be inherited. You may be genetically susceptible to weight gain in general. or has accumulated fat around the chin, especially or have a tendency to reduce the elasticity of the skin or the support of the skeleton is not good.”

depending on the overall cause There are a few methods you can adopt to reduce your chin. Some are more effective, expensive, painful, and/or time consuming than others. Regardless of your pain threshold and the depth of your wallet. Be patient with the chin-lowering process and take weekly selfies to record your path. Zac Efron– Looks great

Top tips: To create the illusion of a thin chin Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and extend your neck slightly forward. Practice in the mirror and make adjustments before you test this move in real life. Humble = good; dehydrated turtle = not very good.

how to get rid of double chin

You want a jaw that can cut ham. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Countless causes require many solutions. So the most important thing to do is find out what caused those sassy faces to be known and go from there. Are you ready to treat your chin naturally or want to know about clinical treatments? Think about how much you’re willing to spend. When you can quit your job And how quickly would you like to see results?

Finally hit the gym to eat. healthy food It’s the best place to start, said Alex Karidis, Managing Director of . Karidis Clinic. However, be realistic about your anatomy. Going to the gym hard isn’t going to give you the sharp jawline you’d like. Karidis says, “Some stubborn areas won’t diminish with exercise and diet. “You can end up losing fat in the area you want it to be. while the stubborn area remains unchanged.”

This is where non-surgical treatment comes in. “If there is excess fat in that area We often recommend reducing fat cells as well. CoolSculpting and so on,” he said. Karidis Clinics‘ Maxine Dornon. It can be paired with treatments to increase collagen and strengthen elastin and muscles, such as Ultherapy, an ultrasound procedure that tightens the skin on the face. and throat “If there is a structural problem You can use fillers to define your chin and create a more structured jaw,” adds Dornon.

Not sure which action is right for you? We break it down below …

diet and exercise

If your double chin is the result of eating 1 twice. And you’re hiding a Hollywood chin under that bag. Good news: your journey begins and ends here. There are a million health reasons to go to the gym and Overhaul your eating habits; Subtract the drooping chin as a 1,000,001 reason. “The NHS states that reducing your calorie intake by 600 calories per day You can lose 1-2 pounds a week,” says James O’Loan, consultant pharmacist at Doctor4U“A good way to do this is to reduce the amount of refined sugar and saturated fat you consume.”

Certain foods make it easier to control calorie-dense foods, explains Elliott Upton, personal trainer at . maximum efficiencythat recommends creating a meal for every meal “Quality protein from meat, fish or plants.” “Foods high in protein, fruits, vegetables and fiber. low processed ingredients and lower blood sugar content would be better for reduce fat,” he said.protein and fiber will keep you full and low in calories. A larger, nutrient-dense diet will fill you up as well.”

When it comes to exercise Science has shown that Training is a high intensity interval. Burn fat fast. However, your priority should be in the weight room. “Doing large ‘compound’ exercises like the squat deadlift And pull-ups are a great way for the buck to gain more muscle mass to train and burn more calories,” says Upton, who recommends opting for split-body exercises like leg extensions and bicep curls. If fat loss is your goal. “If you are trying to lose fat and lose unwanted weight. heavy lifting Incredibly effective,” he added.

Fat Freeze Treatment

What if you have a healthy weight but your chin has no record? For targeted fat removal, you may try cryolipolysis or ‘CoolSculpting’. It delivers precisely controlled cooling to safely target subcutaneous fat cells while leaving the skin unaffected,” Karidis explains. “The treated fat cells are frozen and then die. over time Your body naturally processes fat and removes these dead cells.” No surgery. no anesthesia no downtime But it may take between one and three months to see results.

Fat Burning Treatment

Aqualyx and Kybella are two well known fat dissolving procedures. Deoxycholic acid is injected directly into the adipose tissue surrounding cells and destroys them. no surgery do not need anesthesia And the procedure is straightforward. However, there are often significant moments of swelling. (about two weeks) and can be uncomfortable. Each time approximately 20 injections are given.

How to get rid of double chin | causes and treatment

How to target loose skin


It focuses not only on reversing the signs of skin aging. But it also prevents further damage, Urso-Baiarda says. If you smoke, stop. Protect your skin with sunscreen. Invest in a Half the skin care routine “It’s related to retinol, vitamin C, and a good moisturizer,” he says. binge increase water retention Like too much salt Therefore, avoid areas that can cause bloating and swelling.

ultrasound treatment

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy for “Precise and specific deep tissue heating,” Karidis explains. ‘Regeneration’, which leads to the creation of new collagen. contraction and tightening with firmer skin and deeper muscle layers,” he says. The result? Your body regenerates and lifts your skin. Smooth lines and wrinkles. During the first 24 hours after treatment will feel tender, sensitive, and prone to swelling And remember, it may take six to eight months before you get the best results.

radio frequency therapy

Accent Prime works the same way. by using two types of radio frequency technology to achieve results. “Your dermis is exposed to heat, such as a warm massage using radio frequency technology,” explains. court clinic. “While the dermis is heated There will be a natural reaction that promotes creating new collagen. The deep structure of your skin tightens and sees immediate results. over time New collagen will develop. make the skin firmer and make the skin more beautiful look natural and tightened up.”

How to target your facial anatomy

dermal fillers

Fillers are carefully placed with needles at the corners of the jaw – just below the ears – and chin, says Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann. Founder and chief beauty expert of the face at Smileworksto improve the definition “The procedure enlarges the chin and gives the illusion that the double chin is reduced,” she says.


When a small amount of Botox is injected into the muscles of your neck and jaw. called nefertiti elevator Botox relaxes the pulled down Platysma muscles and lifts the entire area, explains estheticians. Dr. David Jack.

And finally…

Swerve, ‘practice’, exercise in every way. It’s yours. abdominal muscles Knowing that the goal of fat loss is almost impossible. This includes your face. “Where you store fat in your body largely depends on your genetics,” says Upton. Can’t lose belly fat with sit-upsYou can’t lose fat on the double chin. Fat loss is caused by burning more calories than you consume in a day.”

In fact, using those muscles can turn your double chin into a squeaky voice. Dr. Jack explains, “Facial exercises to strengthen the platysma muscles will worsen the appearance of the double chin. and also resulted in the lower face being pulled down. which is contrary to the desired result.” “Likewise Massage is unlikely to help with anything other than a temporary reduction of tissue fluids.”