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Deadlift is one of the gold standard lifts in gyms. It’s actually pretty simple: You put weights with a barbell. Grab it with a wide shoulder grip. Place your feet on the floor and lift them up.

Except for newsflash: no barbell needed, only for most men and many short men. Lifting weights with barbells is fine. But if you’re just struggling with general toning exercises Lifting the buttocks too fast in movements too often There is another option.

That option is the hex bar. And it’s one of the most underrated tools in the gym. This hexagonal metal might be all you need to fix your deadlift. It eventually gained in popularity.

That’s what it should be. Because if you’re having trouble with deadlifts, the hex bar is the tool you need. It will instantly put your body in a position to perform a cleaner deadlift mechanism. And if your goal is strength and muscle? And you’re not preparing for a weightlifting competition. Lifting weights with proper form will help you in the long run more than lifting weights with a barbell. Of course, that’s why I’m going to walk you through everything that makes hex rods suitable for lifts. (and other elevators a few more)

Hex Bars have a similar load distribution.

Deadlift bar trap

as i said (And as you probably know from your gym), weightlifting is the holy grail exercise. People defend traditional barbells and often resist the switch to hex bars.

But looking at it from the outside, it doesn’t make any sense. Although hexagon bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they generally weigh the same as regular barbells. but will set you to lift from the same height and allows you to hold it with both hands They have a very different shape than barbells. But they still let us do hip-focused lifts. (focusing on our hips, contractions and Achilles tendon They tick a box that is very similar to the standard deadlift barbell.

at the same time Hex rods are usually more joint-friendly. And it also helps us to capture full power. Since we are not fighting the mass problem. What is the center of the mass problem? That’s up next.

Center of mass and why is it important?

Deadlifting a Weighted Bar

The deadlift is a hip form that is very striking when done right. Barbell weights are slightly in front of the body. And you have to extend your hips first to take the weight off the floor. Challenge your glutes, hamstrings, and often your lower back. The torque of the deadlift barbell puts a high strain on the joint system that supports the movement. especially the lower back

which varies from person to person It depends on your limb length and the weight you move. But it’s actually a form of hip extension. Which is one thing we’re working on to attack the deadlift from a training perspective. Change because the weight is in front of you. and at least always pull You go ahead, from Crossfitters to powerlifters to bodybuilders. to athletes in general The best gym goers learn to fight that. And that process has its strengths. The deadlift barbell fight teaches you to stimulate your lat muscles to keep the bar close to you. And it forces you to press on your Achilles tendon at the start of the deadlift.

But not everyone can do this. Or should I focus on it? And that’s where the hex bar changes things. However, the hex bar maintains the weight directly to your center of mass. because it will help you step in Those few inches are important. Now, the mechanism doesn’t need to support the weight being lifted from an angle away from the body.

Your spine position will improve immediately. Gravity is pushing the weight directly to the ground. Now you have little to think about when you deadlift. Instead of thinking about how to place the bar close to the body. You have to think only about standing up and squeezing your buttocks. (Even if you want to think about squeezing your butt too.) Overall, it’s a smoother movement from a joint mechanics perspective.

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Why did you die? Answer: To attack your buttocks and hamstrings. This is the key muscle you are trying to hit. And you hit it by standing up with a barbell or dumbbells. The key to the deadlift is to make sure that when you begin the process, stand up. Your hips are below your shoulders. (or in the case of a very tall person at the same height as your shoulders)

This ensures that the physics of the motion is correct. and the main beam point in the deadlift is at the hip If your hips are rolled up above your shoulders The pry point tends to roll up in the lower back. Your lower back is not for dealing with such stress. especially if you are lifting heavy objects. But when you use a barbell If you don’t lock the latt It is often easier to move the leverage point. so that it is directly above the bar. If your technique isn’t perfect You can stop using your lower back and focus on your glutes and hamstrings.

This is a rare problem with hex sticks. and cleaner techniques especially when doing it with heavy weights. Will result in a stronger buttocks and Achilles tendon. You lose nothing with the hex bar. But you’re still in control

What makes Hex Bar work?

high handle

Most people will drop the hex bar because of the high-grip options. What is this? Most hex rods have two grip positions. One is a traditional barbell height and the other is a few inches higher. Using these taller grips gives a few extra inches of freedom. This means that technically You will need to start the lift from a slightly higher position. That means more freedom to lift your hips and knees. and reduce stress on the lower back

It also means you’re moving the weight a smaller distance overall, which is a high-grip knock. But don’t let that shock you. A 2017 study analyzed high-grip hexagonal bar deadlifts and compared them to traditional barbell weightlifting. Such research found that there was a higher peak force. top speed and maximum power with a high-grip hexagonal rod deadlift. Compared to traditional deadlifts

Of course, you’re moving the weight a little less distance. But when you move the weight You’re doing more explosively. It may be that your body is in a better position to do so. From the point of view of efficiency and mechanics The high handle seems to be the best option.

Oh, and you don’t even need a high shank to benefit from a hex stick. A 2011 study found that people lifted weights from low handlebar hex bars. more than they lifted from the traditional deadlift barbell.

(What’s more important than the height of the handle is the weight you use. Always use Olympic-sized weights. So you always lift from the same height. Throwing a 5-pound plate onto a hexagonal bar will change it. Movement patterns so you don’t lift yourself low. But the body may not be comfortable doing that.

neutral grip

You’ll be surprised how a slight flip of your hand can be done. The hexagon bar gives you a good grip. with the palm facing towards the body traditional weight lifting This forces you to overhand or compound grip. The rear grip creates a slight torque on the body. The former can be challenging to carry higher weights and have their own problems. Both barbell grips have an inadvertent effect on the humerus. which is your humerus

The neutral handle provides more comfortable support positioning through the scapula area. This reduces stress on the mid back and upper back quietly. You don’t need much support.

The body is a long and interconnected chain of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Increased stress in a particular area translates the stress to neighboring areas. This can affect the weight we lift and the way we lift it.

transition to everyday life

The grip translates best to everyday life. See how you carry your luggage. whenever possible We naturally lift and carry things by our side. Here are a few details. but allows for the use of small details This is in our elevator. We can hardly carry things on our shins like weightlifters do.

When doubling the grip position and lifting the weight. We always lift and carry things from the side. It may seem like a small detail, but the lifting, carrying, pressing in the way we use it can make an instantaneous impact in our daily lives. When we pick up your luggage, groceries or gym bag off the ground. Always on your side and rarely on your shin. It reinforces the mechanisms we see most in our daily lives.

Perform Hex Bar Deadlift

Deadlifts with a hex bar are easy to do. Your game plan: Load the desired weight bar. then step inside By aiming at your shin with the weights. Hold the hexagon handlebar, either high or low, in the center. Brace your core and sit down slightly to expose your hamstrings. Try to turn your elbow forward to open the slave. Squeeze the handle.

Now stand up focusing on raising your legs. Squeeze your butt at the top (Don’t your back) Lower the hex bar to the ground with the control knob. That’s 1 rep. Not sure where to start? Aim to do 3 sets of 8 to 10 to get the feel. when you feel comfortable You can reduce the number of reps and focus more intensely on your strength. Think 3 sets of 3 to 5 reps.

Hex Bar Versatility

The hex bar is not the only option for lifting loads. It also translates well to push, pull and load options with a neutral grip that aids each lift. Experiment with these hex-bar exercises in your workout.

Hex Bar Row

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from a pull point of view The width of the hex bar is suitable for most lifters. We tend to get stuck in the grooves of the neutral grip pulling from the narrower grip due to the common attachment by cable machines. The wider grip reflects the standard press width. to put you in a better position in the glenohumeral and test the muscles of the back and back to the end This mirrors the position you might use with a row of dumbbells. Although you’ll need to hit the load with both arms instead of just one, think 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps. And if you want dumbbell row wisdom, check out the video below.

Hex Bar Floor Pressing Machine

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This work is fun You’ve probably done a dumbbell floor press before to use the bench press technique. Pressing the ground against the middle group of hex sticks was overlooked. but very useful that you are using a medium grip and elbows aligned with body, creating a safe shoulder position. Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Hex Bar Loaded Carry

Carrying luggage is an excellent choice for strength and conditioning components. Usually use dumbbells or kettlebells. The hex bar allows you to hold the pieces together as one. And that means you can put more weight on the bar for heavy loads. Aim for 3 sets of 10 to 20 meters of walking.