Have you heard of the hook your ex system? Perhaps you have, at one point, wanted to get back together with your ex-lover (boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse). Or maybe you were the one your ex wanted to get back together with. Whatever the case, this article is sure to provide you with what you need to know about the hook your ex system.

Wanting him back (for good)?

Some of you might be skeptical at this point. Why would I want to get back with my ex? Shouldn’t bygones be bygones? Why would I want to learn about the hook your ex system?

Think about it.

Hook Your Ex PDF

If you have gotten this far into reading about the hook your ex system, a part of you just wants a fresh start with your ex-lover.

Maybe you realized that your life was better when you were together. Maybe it was your fault, or there was something outside your relationship that affected it, but now you have it all sorted out.

And now you have it figured out enough to know that you want to find a way to get him/her back. If you are certain that you want to give your relationship another shot, the hook your ex system is for you.

Part of the process that got you to where you are now (wanting your ex back) happened because your mind focused on the happy moments of your relationship.

And the hook your ex system helps you use this simple trick of the mind to make your ex want the same thing.

Hook Your Ex Overview

Steve Pratt, a relationships expert, came up with the hook your ex system after a break-up that left him devastated. According to his website, in the span of just a week, he was able to make his ex-girlfriend miss him terribly.

In the end, it was his ex who said that she wanted to get back together with him! Now, Steve wants to share the hook your ex system with others in the hope that more relationships will be given a second chance.

The hook your ex system is a simple technique that involves emotionally starving your ex. By reminding your ex about all the fun you two had, you remind him or her about how great you were together.

This makes your ex’s mind focus on the happy moments and minimize the painful parts of your relationship. After all, we naturally want to remember the joyful moments in a relationship.

The hook your ex system is a simple idea, yes. But for some, it seems abstract, so it was divided into three simple steps:

  • Step 1: soften primal brain’s defenses; make it neutral instead of avoidant or against you and memories of you
  • Step 2: make yourself irresistible and interesting in the eyes of your ex
  • Step 3: make yourself irreplaceable so that your ex will want you back; remind your ex about what you alone can do for him/her and how special your relationship is

The hook your ex system comes in a PDF book format and an MP3 file format, both of which are available on the website.

The package contains a step-by-step program for emotionally starving your ex. This involves planting the idea of getting back together in your ex’s mind.

This is followed by making your ex want to take the first step in getting you back together. The system has some follow-through tips as well, including getting you and your ex closer together and anticipating your ex’s wants, needs, and thoughts.

The hook your ex system not only helps turn a failed romance into a fresh start but makes sure that this time, the relationship works.

Hooking YOU into trying it out

By now you are probably asking—so, what else is there that this program has to offer? What do others think about the hook your ex system? How much will it cost, how long will it take, and what happens if it doesn’t work for me?

The hook your ex system book costs only $37. Much cheaper than weeks of therapy that cost at least $100 per session.

Besides the step-by-step hook your ex system, the book also contains methods such as the emotional cleanup, love amplifier, counter-reaction method, unconditional forgiveness technique, smooth butter conversation technique, and many more.

Get Your Ex Back Hook Your Ex Guide

These abstract ideas are explained and concretized for you to apply in your interactions with your ex. These methods aren’t only for those looking to get back with their ex—they can be used to improve your relationship with your current lover.

Relationships take time, and so does getting back in a relationship with your ex. The hook your ex system website lets you purchase the book, try the technique for sixty days, and, if the results are bad, they give you your money back.

And if you don’t decide to watch the entire introductory video or if you refresh the page, the website offers you other books on relationships, all written by Steve Pratt. You are sure to get something out of the website, something that could improve you and your love life.

Is the Hook Your Ex for you?

The hook your ex system isn’t for everyone, though. Some people might find it manipulative since the technique is basically a mind game.

Some might not want to spend so much on the book or MP3 since the method is already explained on the website, and some might not like a “long process”.

One argument against the hook your ex system could be: What if an abusive lover uses it to ensnare his victim once again? Of course, one can only hope that the knowledge imparted in the book will be used by people with good intentions.

Because of the website’s accessibility, pretty much anyone can learn about the hook your ex system so you will know if the technique is being used on you.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, the Hook Your Ex system, like anything else, is something that can be beneficial or harmful, depending on how you use it and how you look at it.