1. You drink a bottle of beer.

2. Within seconds The drink passes through your esophagus and into your stomach.

3. 20% alcohol is absorbed into the blood immediately from the stomach. The rest will pass into your intestines and be absorbed from there.

4. Alcohol travels through your blood to your liver, where it breaks down during this process. A waste product called acetate and acetaldehyde is created. The stronger the beer acetate and acetaldehyde, the more

5. Your brain prioritizes dealing with acetate and acetaldehyde right away. Signals your body to stop burning fat. meanwhile It then starts producing fat from other waste products. of alcohol is acetyl CoA.

6. Your body can effectively produce only 15-30 ml of alcohol per hour.

So the more you drink The longer your body inhibits fat burning. And fat will only accumulate from excess Acetyl CoA. (One pint of standard 4% beer contains 22.7 ml of alcohol. That means six pints of the night You’ll be drinking 136 ml of alcohol, basically. will stop burning fat for up to nine hours)