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Some of the fittest guys in the gym have something in common: They’re incredibly skinny. Their muscles stood out as if they had been cut from marble. and with thick veins winding its arms and legs like wild vines.

This last feature is called “Arteriosclerosis,” and it’s a clear sign that you’re as strong as hell. Or at least you have good genetics and a remarkably low body fat percentage. Because these are the most important variables when it comes to How clearly your veins are visible

You may only notice an aneurysm when you lift weights. moving heavy furniture or doing other poses that continually challenges strength That’s because when you do repetitive, strenuous tasks, your muscles twitch with the blood and swelling (aka “pump”) push your veins closer to the surface. But you can only see it if your body fat percentage is low in the two digits. and will only stand out like a swollen garden hose. If your body fat percentage is a single digit

That’s why the pedigree of competitive bodybuilders – athletes has reduced their body fat percentage to eight percent or lower. You will also notice that Some bodybuilders seem to have more blood vessels than others. Like the guy in your gym That’s not because of how they train. it is hereditary Some people have veins that are closer to their skin than naturally.

Before you do vascularization, it’s your primary training goal. Remember, you probably don’t have that body, and that’s okay, you should always aim for a sensible body. because no one is like anyone else And don’t take drastic steps to lose your body fat. Unless you have a specific plan with the help of fitness and wellness experts.

That said, the way you practice will affect the prominence level of your veins. Here’s what you need to know to try and maximize the effects yourself.

Your move: to make your veins bulge during exercise Let’s act like a bodybuilder and “chase the pump” with high-rep sets (15 to 20) and other training protocols that increase muscle time under tension.

Lifting in this way will not expand the network of blood vessels under your skin. as described above which is written in your DNA research It has been shown that this type of training has one more benefit: increased muscle growth.

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