Every guy has his own idea of ​​what it means to be a man. For some, it’s all about being confident in who you are. For others, it’s about how they express and present themselves. to other parts of the world, for example, your first impression on the phone. And for many men, their voice can be a source of insecurity. If not deep or “Manly” as they think

Does the bass really make you more masculine?

“A deep voice is often associated with manhood and masculinity. and until recently Much of the marketing from a male perspective has relied on portraying male voices as deep in pitch,” says Vinny Raval, a speech and language therapist. and the director speech coach“For this reason, men want to fit ‘norms’ or ‘normals’ and sound like men. Whereas the higher-pitched tones are mostly associated with increased femininity.”

Of course, this stance relies on the internal logic that it is “good” to be considered a man. And having a voice that could be interpreted as a woman—or, by extension, gay—is inherently negative. This attitude persists even in our supposedly advanced society.

2014 documentary Do I Sound Gay? Explore the degree to which a high-pitched voice, also known as a female voice, can have on a man’s perception of his own masculinity. and emphasizes that even proudly expressive gay and bisexual men can fight this. Sometimes it can only be out of fear, homophobia, or misogyny (“femme” = “bad”), driven by the media and information about the gender roles we grew up in consumption.

“Due to social attitudes Men feel like men when they speak in a deeper tone,” Raval says. “A deeper voice is associated with control and sincerity. Another aspect that relates to biased traits and masculine traits.”

Of course, there’s another reason a guy might want to change the way he talks: Studies have shown that women are more likely to be attracted to men with deeper voices. (Somewhat outdated, but still present)

What can I do to deepen my voice?

Although it is impossible to permanently change your voice without medical intervention. But there are also a number of exercises that men can practice to speak at a deeper pitch. Although its use will depend on the individual and their specific goals, Raval recommends that anyone looking to tone up or register their vocals should seek advice from a speech therapist or vocal coach first. to avoid accidental vocal cord damage

diaphragmatic breathing

It’s possible that your normal breathing affects your voice. Try to take a deep breath through your nose, allowing the air to go in and down as much as possible. Then, while exhaling slowly, say something. You should feel the vibrations while speaking this technique, which is popular among singers and performers. It may help you control the volume.

blow bubbles

At some point, we all lazily blow bubbles through a straw into a soda or milkshake. Turns out this is the most widely used “reset” for audio. National Center for Sound and SpeechThe straw technique will stretch and loosen the vocal cords. can help make your voice stronger and make the voice hoarse or less hoarse

yawn and sigh

speaking with inhaled and exhaled breath It’s as if sighing can help tone down your voice. After yawning for a long time You can use a sigh to pass the scales in a low tone. The advantage here is A hoarse voice can be considered the sexiest man..


when you hum You’re warming up your voice. This gives you a better level of control over the sound. Take a deep breath and hum as long as possible By lowering the level again to find a lower tone.


There are three types of volatility, up, neutral, and down. Neutral conjugations result in a monotonous way of speaking. While facing upwards makes every sentence sound like a question, conversely, focusing on pitching down will make your voice sound deeper as you end a sentence with a lower pitch.