Yoga can happen anytime, anywhere.

You know that feeling Your belly is bloated and hard to grip. And you can’t seem to let yourself fart for relief. It’s frustrating, not to mention incredibly uncomfortable.

First of all, the fuel supply is not wrong. So don’t be shy about urging. “Faring is a completely normal bodily function, in fact, the average person passes oil every 15 to 25 times a day,” he said. Niket Sonpal, MDNew gastroenterologist and clinical assistant professor at Touro College of Medicine (not so common to do while exercising, both.)

Farting is a sign that we are healthy and that our digestive system is working properly. Of course, certain foods make you do more than others (See which one is the worst) “Only when a fart or absenteeism can disrupt someone’s life can signal something more serious,” he says, constipation can be a cause for you not to let go of that gas. (This is what you should eat. prevent constipation in the future). It’s just a matter of being in the right place. drink proper water or even using over-the-counter medications to help yourself.

A funny story about asking a 13-year-old how to fart. Here’s how to do it:

drink carbonated beverages

Go for the bubbles when you want to release the gas. “When you drink soda Air will accumulate in your stomach, causing bloating. This air has to leave the body somehow. and almost always through burping or farting,” he says. So try low-sugar sodas, soft drinks, or even a glass of sparkling wine or beer. Of course, these drinks can cause problems in the first place. If so, go ahead and try the strategies below.

Let’s do yoga

These yoga poses can help release trapped gas:

  • Children’s Pose. “This is a yoga pose that can help release the accumulated gas. Child’s posture helps loosen hips and lower back. It makes the bowel transition smoother,” said Dr. Sanpal. to get this positionBegin by kneeling on your hands and legs. Then push your butt back to sit on your heels. Touch the mat, arms out in front of your body. while dropping the headrest to the ground “This will put light pressure on the abdomen and encourage bloating,” he says. Be sure to take a deep breath and wait until the gas is gone.
  • Knee-to-chest position Lie on your back, bringing your knees to your chest. While doing this, hold your chin in front of your chest for 30 seconds. This will press against your abdomen and allow you to release the gas.
  • You sit in front. Sit up straight on the floor with your legs extended forward. Lean forward from your hips and try placing your chest on your knees or as close as you can without bending your knees. (Do not force anything here—or in these poses. And stay away from this pose if you have a back problem). Reach out to touch your toes as much as possible. This will make things Goes on and lets you fart easily.

    change the way you sit

    “You may have heard of potty potties,” says Dr. Sonpal, “although I wouldn’t recommend a particular brand. But having a more effective corner position when going to the bathroom is helpful. Body alignment may help people drive gas better without pressing too hard or spending too much time on the toilet,” he said.

    Consider OTC Pills

    Products with cimethicone may help—“just consult your doctor to make sure it works for you. And make sure you use it as directed,” says Dr. Sonpal.

    when swallowed Simethicone can reduce the buildup of gas in the digestive system after a large meal. by making those gases easier to combine “Simethicone doesn’t really affect your fart’s smell or sound production,” he says, so don’t assume that taking the pill won’t make your fart quiet and sound. “But the pressure and discomfort of the gas buildup will be relieved,” he said, and there’s a lot to talk about in this regard.

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