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If you grew up in a suburban family in the 1990s, there’s a good chance you skipped your mom’s ThighMaster on your way to the kitchen to buy the Sunny D and Dunkaroos. Successful TV campaign starring Suzanne Somers., ThighMaster has become one of the best selling commercial products ever. More than $100 million in net sales. Almost too easy to use. No buttons, no cables, no weights. It’s just a small tire. that you attach between your thighs

Unlike other fads that died out in the ’90s — Digimon and Sweet Breakfast Cereals. Slime-Based Kids’ TV Show — ThighMasters still around. But do they work? I decided to try and find out.

before diving into the experiment I have contacted ACSM Certified trainers and performance coaches at Beast Training Institute Pete Rufo, to an expert opinion on ThighMaster, his answer to my question was “no”: “ThighMaster doesn’t work,” he told

That’s because the ThighMaster uses the principle of spot training. (also known as spot toning) that is often controversial. in which individuals use the same exercises to target only one muscle area without sacrificing all the others (unlike many exercises to Target specific muscle groups and strengthening in that area)

“If you’re trying to ‘find’ training, you’re preparing to fail,” Rufo said.

However, I was not interrupted. I’m the one who always strives. Unorthodox solutions for minor problems so decided to spend $12.99 for classic ThighMaster and use it for a week This is what happened


I unpacked the Amazon package and pulled out the new blue and red ThighMaster. With the promise of strong thighs in the summer fueled my excitement. The instructions on the package recommend that you use 10 to 20 minutes a day, so I decided to aim for at least 15 minutes a day. I hope to achieve strength, tone, clarity, and perhaps the moment I accidentally ripped my jeans. My s and I feel like the Hulk.

So I wear the best workout clothes. crouch on the sofa and go to work

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The first few minutes are easy — ludicrously easy. I wonder if this experiment will really yield results or if it’s another crackpot project designed to attract suckers like me. I squeezed for 15 minutes before laying down the ThighMaster, stretching my legs and putting on The Office.


The next day, I was very surprised to wake up with a slight pain in my leg. Maybe I judge ThighMaster too soon, and it might really work. I make coffee for myself Take off my shirt and keep going. This time, I decided to amplify the volume and try to double it up. It was a movement that made me tired much faster than I thought.

What I love most about the ThighMaster is the lack of interest in this activity. For other exercises such as running, weight lifting, boxing, you need to be mindful of every move. With the ThighMaster, you sit back. Put something between your legs and go for it. It’s almost like meditating in some way. Unless you should be toning while reaching inner peace.

“I’m not embarrassed to admit that I ate BBQ pork at the same time. It felt good.”

look Back to the old adsI know that’s the point of ThighMaster. It’s a workout that doesn’t seem like a workout. You complain, squeeze and sweat… But you also sit in front of the TV all the time. (At least I did that)

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Wednesday mornings are difficult for me. I drank too much the night before. and i have a flight in the morning So I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull together the strength of my 15-minute morning burn.

Fortunately, last night I arrived at the hotel. I made the time to do the 20-minute session. I’m not ashamed to admit that I ate barbecued pork all at once. It felt good.


When I press my thighs together in a hundred times that week I wrote a reminder on my phone telling me how much I enjoyed my time with the ThighMaster. but i had fun

Reminds me of when I was a kid and watching my mom use this. I also know it’s more than just a workout for her. When she uses the ThighMaster, she’s in her own world. a world without noise distraction Or three dirty kids trying to get their dirty hands all over her.

I know I won’t see any crazy results by the end of the week. But it’s nice to know that I’m good at some things. I chased happiness by watching the video for “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John. “This is a good video,” I thought. “It’s uplifting, if not a little cult.” You judge:


On my last day with the ThighMaster, I can swear that my jeans will fit better. I’d like to think it’s from my rigorous workouts. But it’s probably the result of my last trip to the laundromat.

If a guy really wants to make an impact on his thighs. Rufo recommends doing “Romania deadlift, squat, leg extension, leg curl and lunge Your quads and hamstrings will tighten and make your legs look slimmer, and you will ‘twitch’ less as you lose fat and gain lean muscle mass.”

by any means Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight Your workout shouldn’t be related to the ThighMaster in any way, but that’s not the point, OK, so the ThighMaster might not turn you into the Hulk (although who actually thinks it does), but that doesn’t mean it. It is of no use to me in any way. Delivers 15 minutes of pure serenity, a way for you to take a break while moving your legs.

Maybe my thighs are not juicy and skinny for the summer. but i don’t care I am my own boss