When the thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night isn’t a problem for the world to change. But annoying and itchy feet, there is a solution.

“There are some general assumptions about this,” says Brian S. Kim, MD, co-director of the Center for the Study of Itch at Washington University School of Medicine. which may not be correct The classic is that people are less distracted at night and suddenly feel itchy. “I don’t think it’s that easy,” said Dr. Kim.

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But it’s not clear what a more complex answer is. But one new theory is Nighttime itching can be a result of changes in your circadian rhythm at the end of the day, says Dr. Kim. Your anti-inflammatory chemicals will decrease. which can control the sensitivity of itching “You may get a more obvious sign of itching at night,” he says.

An evolution that might serve us well, says Dr. Kim, “I’m becoming a speculator here. But if you don’t move at all during the night You may be susceptible to the spread of dust mites. or even being bitten by a mosquito.”

what makes feet itchy

Ask why people are itchy and the dermatologist takes a deep breath. because there may be many drivers something simple some not so much Causes may include:

athlete’s foot

“When patients come in and complain of itchy feet,” says Shawn Kwatra, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Johns. The first thing a dermatologist usually does is look between the toes to see if there are any red, cracked, flaky patches, according to Hopkins. These often indicate athlete’s foot. And remedies include keeping your feet as dry as possible and using over-the-counter antifungal products.

Itching from foot fungus on grass in the park

dry skin.

“When you get older You won’t be able to retain water in the outer layers of the skin,” says Dr. Kwatra. because you walk on your feet all day They can therefore be thick and dry. All of this makes your feet especially itchy. Help stop it by applying this hydrating cream, which comes in a jar, on your feet at night. “Creams are more hydrating than lotions,” Dr. Kwatra points out. “The gooey, the hydrated.”

skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis

These often make other parts of the body itching And the feet are not immune from that feeling.

other medical problems

Nerve damage caused by unchecked diabetes can cause itching in the feet. As with liver disease, Dr. Kwatra sometimes says, “Itching on the body can be a harbinger of illness.” “Take into account the rest of your health,” he says. Not every itch in your feet is a sign of such a big problem. But if itchy feet are a constant and long-lasting problem for you, Get yourself checked, Dr. Kwatra says.

A system that we haven’t figured out yet.

“Itching can be the result of multiple system failures,” says Dr. Kim. Itching may not be the only symptom. Itching can take many forms. “Itching is almost a field of medicine,” he says, and only scratched surfaces.

How to stop itching feet at night

The toolbox is pretty straightforward:

  • Use a moisturizer. If your feet are especially dry Use heavy cream there.
  • Consider products that contain menthol. The cooling sensation you get from menthol can help reduce the feeling you have to itch by confusing the nerves that signal itching.
  • manage your stress Itching/stress is more likely to occur when things get worse. Itching can be a huge trigger for anxiety and stress. And it tends to cause more itching. even at the level of general itching Stress may also play a role. “A lot of patients ask me, ‘Is my stress causing this?’” Dr. Kim said. “My answer is I don’t think so. But it exacerbates it.”