Jeremy Ethier is no stranger to how certain foods play a role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. physical therapist fitness specialist and founder”built with science” Bring Men’s Health into his home. He breaks down his daily diet and covers the impact it has on his overall performance. especially during exercise

Ethier’s personal approach to diet is to keep things simple, but with goals he wants to accomplish throughout the day to help maximize weight loss/muscle gains. What exactly does it mean? For the YouTube star, that means eating enough calories. Make him get enough protein throughout the day. and choose the food to give “The most worthwhile reward” for him.

“I choose filling, high-volume, low-calorie, very nutrient-dense foods. And it packs a lot of fiber and micronutrients,” he says. “This is what keeps me on the best diet. And it made me feel like I didn’t even diet. because I am full and satisfied with these foods.”

N.S. YouTube Star started his day around 7:00 a.m. when he drank a liter of water he had placed beside his bed to begin the process of replenishing and replacing any water that might have been lost the night before. It also reduces the pain of early hunger. After meditating and doing computer/content work He will eat his first meal. This counts as a pre-workout. For Ethier, that usually means an omelet with chopped vegetables. which helps him recover from exercise He also likes to eat carbs to help his morning energy levels. So he’ll add ½ cup of oats with sliced ​​bananas, cinnamon, and stevia to add flavor/sweetness.

An hour after his breakfast, Ethier goes to the gym for 45 to 60 minutes of training. He always likes protein shakes. (He likes to eat whey isolate powder) and rice cakes in hand. This will help in the initial recovery process and start fueling him through exercise. for a post-workout meal His “official”? Ethier is big on sweet potatoes. (“They’re amazingly flavorful and packed with micronutrients.”) Baked salmon and vegetables like cauliflower, kale, or broccoli on the side.

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due to host “Created with science” tends to focus carbs around exercise. This means his dinners tend to be less heavy on carbohydrates. What does he like to eat for dinner? Ethier’s appetizer is usually a large bowl of chicken fajita salad. which consists of green leafy vegetables that are rich in nutrients (He likes spinach and romaine lettuce.) Chicken sauteed with vegetables, salsa, hot sauce, lemon and half avocado.

It’s about 9 p.m. when Ethier (like the others) begins to have a late-night appetite. If he wants to eat sweets Instead, he opts for 0% fat-free Greek yogurt (“a very slow-digesting source of protein that aids in protein synthesis overnight) with cinnamon, stevia and mixed berries. But when his girlfriend is planning a movie night. He likes to pick up popcorn that has some nutritional yeast in it. Because popcorn is one of the most filling foods. it is high in fiber And you can have large quantities with low calories.

Does the YouTube star have any advice for people who want to create the ideal lifestyle? Yes, he does, and it doesn’t have to be too complicated. “Prioritize meeting your calorie and protein goals for the day. Because that’s the most important thing about losing weight,” he says. “Don’t limit yourself to specific foods. Because people say it’s good or bad… Experiment and create a diet that you can follow in the long run.”