love catch

Ask the guy at the gym what he likes the least about his body. And don’t be surprised when he says “Love Catches” These fat bags have a stubborn reputation. You may feel like you’re in the best shape of your life and still can’t shake your fat body. around the waist on both sides

Dr. Marina Peredo, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Skinfluence in New York, said: “For men, The most popular problem is love management.” Because you can exercise and not get rid of it.

many years ago The answer to cosmetics is liposuction. Needle liposuction is a surefire way to get rid of fat—and quickly. But if it’s just the reading that makes you grit your teeth You’ll need alternatives. 10 years ago, there was an increase in non-invasive treatments. This means treatment that does not involve surgery. These use cold or heat to kill fat cells in problem areas. And take as much time as you want for a relaxed lunch. So if you’re ready to crush your love handle once and for all. Will you freeze the fat or cook it? This is what the doctor said.

Coolsculpting: Freeze Fat

“There are many ways to break down fat,” says Peredo. “You can either heat it or freeze it. Freezing is the most natural.”

During CoolSculpting Your love handle will be placed into a suction device which delivers targeted cool temperatures. The idea is that fat cells are damaged by the cold. they will break and your body will gradually absorb them.

Treatment takes about an hour per area. and patients reported discomfort from the cold. Afterward, some complained of extreme pain. or the area where the freezing occurs is not the same Some say they can do whatever they normally do without downtime.

As with all cosmetic surgery The cost depends on the number of treatments you receive. including where you live Typical average for CoolSculpting It’s around $2,000, but could be in the $4,000 range.

On the other hand, if your love is small One treatment may be enough. “CoolSculpting It remains the gold standard in the industry because the results are very predictable,” Peredo said. Sometimes one treatment is enough. and when it’s done, that area won’t come back again.”

Laser Treatment: Feel the Burn

What makes CoolSculpting work for money laser heat treatment This treatment, known as SculpSure, has received a lot of attention since it was approved by the FDA a few years ago. and claiming to be able to overcome CoolSculpting in terms of performance and speed.

The difference here is temperature. With SculpSure, extremely high temperatures burn fat cells, which are similarly eliminated by the body.

“We’ve seen a lot of fit men come in to get rid of a little fat with lasers,” said Dr. Hooman Khorasani, chief of Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai, New York. that cools the skin Then the beam penetrates about an inch. heats the cells.”

The practical difference here is time, where CoolSculpting Spend one hour per treatment point. SculpSure takes about 25 minutes—so you can do both during your lunch break. The cost is still about $1,500 lower on average.

The treatment itself can be uncomfortable. Patients say that heat causes cramps. which is destroyed by the cooling cycle. After that, the treated area may be red and tender to the touch. and some patients report areas of hard tissue which may occur with CoolSculpting with both steps The degree of pain experienced during recovery depends on how your body responds.

As for the results? Both procedures require patience, Peredo said, “The downside of these non-invasive treatments is that the results show more slowly. That could mean up to 12 weeks and even then. You’re looking to refine your waistline. It’s not a sudden weight loss.

“It’s not that we put people on the covers of magazines and give out six packs,” Peredo said, “but the bulge—especially the love for men—can be lost.”