Some of us may neglect our usual exercise routines in quarantine, but not Mark Wahlberg. The actor took Men’s Health to his home to show off his fridge and how he’s staying healthy today.

Although the Patriots Day performer was historically known to him. exercise very early in the morning (He just quit the gym at 4 a.m. while in quarantine.) His workout program is tied to every movie he has to prepare. “I train for my next role or whatever I have to do for work,” he said in a new gym video and fridge.

Different roles have very different needs on his body. “If I have to be in good shape. I would eat fried food and drink beer for the first few weeks,” he says. “If I had to be as skinny as possible, like in The Gambler, I would lose weight and jump rope 200 times a day.”

five days a week (He likes to be off Wednesday and Saturday.) Wahlberg was trained in home gymIt started around 10 AM when he started the first two circuits. His preferred method for intense workouts? Open 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds, giving him a chance to burn more calories. and make the heart beat faster And although he’s not a huge fan of cardio. But he did things more while being confined to home

But how does Wahlberg stay motivated to continue training? It’s a combination of morning prayers and knowing how lucky he is to be an actor. [my job] Seriously, so no matter what I have to do to prepare. I am doing it,” he said. “I have a duty to prepare and how they want me to be. that’s what i do and finally I know it makes me feel better.”

throughout the quarantine period The Lone Survivor survivor star has a supportive training partner, his wife, Ria Durham. “My wife usually likes to pick playlists,” he jokes, “but she does a great job. Now she’s with us five days a week and never misses a day… She works and does things that she didn’t think she could.”

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And for those looking to get started on their fitness journey, Wahlberg has a few simple tips. But effective for you: “Learn the basics first. Then you can start earning jackpots.” Actors also have specific places to go: F45 Trainingwhere he is not only investorbut also found his best exercise.

Wahlberg’s diet has changed the most in the past month. Instead, eat seven to eight meals a day that are mostly protein. now he is in a plant foodwhich is only for a short period of time

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“I don’t get enough rest, doing it two days, six to seven days a week. ate 7 or 8 mostly protein meals and wasn’t feeling well,” he says. “I made bone soup quickly. and then went to eat plants as it should have been for twelve days. That was four months ago.”

When Chef Lawrence Duran is in quarantine, he and the Wahlberg family are able to pursue meals that fit his new perspective. In addition to plant protein for shakes Impossible meats for burgers and some seafood to have on the weekends, Wahlberg also offers whatever wraps he feels like eating. and since the main use of plants He found himself his new favorite late night food.

“I’ve discovered the cream,” he said. “I’ve never had cream before, and I love it!”