Over the years the online dating scheme has been abused by a lot of people as scammers and bad people have used this medium to steal money from people and breaks hearts.

90% of people who are victims of this unfortunate development are women, time and time again, they fall into the wicked arms of men who either want to scam them or have sex with them and then disappear.

Most women might find this topic offensive but the reality is that the issues that would be discussed and treated are true and vital and I am sure that in the end women who find this topic offensive would appreciate its importance.

The Online Allure Formula is created by Mike Fiore to help women who are searching for true love online through dating sites. The formula addresses all the mistakes that women make when using online dating sites ranging from bad profiles to comments and pictures that turn good men off and attract scammers and bad men who just want to play around.

About the author

The online Allure Formula is created by Mike Fiore. He is an Amazon bestselling author, a relationship expert and the host of several relationship podcasts that have helped countless people to revive their relationships or find love.

He has tremendous respect for women and that is why is poised to helping women correct the silly mistakes that they make when they go online to find their prince charming or soul mates.

The Online Allure Formula is his way of reaching out to women who have been treated badly by online dates in the past and to ensure that they do not experience any heartbreak again by helping them correct the mistakes they make when they go on online dating sites.

What is Online Allure Formula program?

Mike Fiore’s Online Allure formula is designed to help women who are searching for the right man and love online. It teaches women how to identify scams on online dating sites, how to avoid men who are looking out for women to play with or use and most importantly to help them find the one true love they totally desire and deserve.

The online allure formula works flawlessly and has been used by a lot of women all over and the outcome has been nothing but phenomenal.

All you need to do is to purchase the course and follow Mike’s teachings and techniques step wisely and just like magic, you could be on your way to your first date within a very short period of time.

The online allure formula works for women of all ages and size, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do or how old you are, by following Mike’s principles in the online allure formula men would practically chase after you.

Not just any kind of man but the specific good man that you have always desired and wanted. It is really easy to accomplish this as all the work you need to do has been taken care of by Mike in the online allure formula.

Online Allure Formula Dating Guide For Women

What will you learn?

In the Online Allure Formula, you will find out how a woman’s profile on online dating sites could be her undoing. Also how her profile pictures could be the reason why good men would run away from her.

Online Allure Formula – The importance of profiles on online dating sites cannot be over emphasized because they are the means through which you sell yourself to men who would read it. Hence it is important that your profile is well constructed and devoid of flaws.

There general mistakes that women make when constructing their profiles, some of these mistakes are as follows:

  • “My girlfriends put me up to this, I am not really the online type”: This kind of profile makes any good man feel that you are not serious and don’t have a mind of your own. It gives the man an impression that you are incapable of making a decision on your own, so he moves on to another woman.
  • “Must be interested in a serious relationship”: This kind of profile would make a good man think that you are desperate and would immediately trap them once they get close to you. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to commit but they didn’t go online to immediately find a wife or girlfriend. A profile like this would immediately turn them off.
  • “Where all the good men or a princess seeks her prince charming”: A good man who reads a profile such as this would think you are going to be expensive to manage, that your ideas are unrealistic and he would never be good enough for you.

You definitely need to avoid constructing profiles like the ones above in order to find your prince charming. There are other profiles flaws and they are carefully treated by Mike in the Online Allure Formula.


  • By purchasing this wonderful Online Allure Formula product, you will get the free “Online to Altar”. This is the technique Mike has used to help women get their dream man online. Some women have even used this technique to find husbands in just a few short months.
  • You would get free access to the profile transformation bible. In this bible, you would get access to profiles that have been transformed and this would help you transform your own profile and help you find that special man.
  • You also would get lifetime access to the Online Allure Formula Community. Here you would find women who were or are just like you. This would help you get support until you find what you are looking for.

The Online Allure Formula is a training program worth $199 in the open market but Mike out of his passion to help people and most especially find their true love online, has subsidized the enrollment fee to a onetime fee of just $37. You would only get this if you act now.

The bottom line

Online Allure Formula by Michael Fiore uncovers what your web dating user profile is secretly telling to the men who else go through it.

As you discover in our review of Michael Fiore’s Online Allure Formula eBook, a lot of women have discovered to attract the type of men they usually dreamed of. And several are actually “kicking themselves” if they learn how simple it really is to attract them.

So, test it out!