The following 6 men have lost a significant amount of weight—we’re talking about triple digits in some cases. They also had more muscles. And now they are stronger, healthier and happier than ever.

Read inspiring stories of how they changed their bodies and their lives.

Jeff Palmer

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Jeff Palmer

Palmer was always the “fat kid” growing up. in junior high school He has trouble riding roller coasters, planes or even cars.

After a violent confrontation with gangsters at school He ran home crying. At that moment, he was determined to change.

His parents hired a trainer for him. And he started exercising three times a week, lifting weights and doing cardio.

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He gave up eating too much and junk food. In his early teens, he worked from 267 pounds to a hefty 140. The teasing also stopped.

his weight loss changes It inspired him to help others get fit.

“I remember clearly explaining to my friends how to use the bench press properly. And I had a moment with those bulbs,” he recalls.

Now 28, he remains slim, 165 pounds, and works as a personal trainer and practice trainer. His former “fat boy” has helped him relate to his clients.

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“I’ve been where they are,” he said. “I’ve been through battles and understand what they feel and go through. I understand that being bullied being laughed at And how did it fail?”

But he knew what it was like to be successful.

Sean Rosa

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Sean Rosa

After being honorably discharged from the army Rosa became dismal. He turned to food and alcohol to quell the pain.

After two years of making unhealthy choices He came to the doctor’s office with a chest problem.

The doctor said that if you continue living the same way. He will not live longer than his deceased father. heart attack At 40, that’s the wake-up call for Rosa, who is 20.

Rosa began making home workout DVDs too shy to step foot in the gym.

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He’s also overhauled his diet: “I eat a lot less, but more often,” he says. His nutrition plan now has plenty. protein shake.

(For a great protein powder that tastes great as a shake without sugar, check out organic whey protein from Men’s Health)

Rosa lost 55 pounds from her starting weight of 322 in the first few months. he still works hard By committing to a 60-day fitness challenge to keep yourself accountable.

He now weighs 195, waist size 32, and is stronger and happier than ever. He is currently working as a police officer.

Jordan Foy

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Jordan Foy

When Foy was 20 years old, he looked in the mirror and was disgusted by what he saw.

He is overweight at 224 pounds and is covered in acne. He smokes and drinks too much. and knew that his unhealthy lifestyle was to blame for what he looked like.

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He used to try to lose weight through gimmicky advertising products, but this time, he’s determined to work hard—no shortcuts.

Foil cuts calories and increases protein and good fat.

He went to the gym every day and lost 50 pounds in about three months.

But then he started a plateau. So he joined a mixed martial arts gym—and lost another 20 pounds of fat, after which he started lifting weights to gain muscle.

He now weighs only 182 pounds and has never felt more at home than when he was in the gym. His next goal was to participate in weightlifting competitions.


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Djordje Devic

After dealing with a number of health problems, such as digestive problems, difficulty breathing and overall mobility difficulties, Davis was tired of carrying the burden of his body.

He weighs 280 pounds and doesn’t know where to start.

So he started a little, quitting junk food and alcohol. He watched. portion sizeAnd he started adding protein and vegetables to his plate.

(For a nutrition plan that you can actually follow, see lean muscle diet from Men’s Health)

This change in his eating habits alone helped him lose nearly 40 pounds quickly.

After removing most of the fat He began to build muscle through strength training.

After seven months of hard work, his stomach, arms, thighs, and even his face became noticeably clearer.

In less than a year, Devic dropped to 198 pounds. Now he feels the power, the drive and the confidence He never thought that was possible. He no longer felt embarrassed and anxious in his own skin.

In fact, he said leaving the gym made him feel as though he “On top of the world”

Damian Grant

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Damian Grant

After serving in the military, Grant got a security job that involved spending most of his time in a chair. The pounds began to pile up.

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In 2015, he went to check with a new doctor. He stepped on the scale and weighed 295 pounds, which he classified as obese. He is also on top of high blood pressureThe doctor gave him medicine.

But Grant wanted more ways to prevent his health problems.

he began to wear Fitbit and take a walk after dinner walking becomes running run becomes lift

He gave up eating regular carbs. increase his protein intake and of course Subscribe to Men’s Health Magazine.

and as a stay-at-home father He did every little exercise he could by falling down a few things. pull ups on the monkey bars at the playground, or throw one of his three children on his back as he does pushups.

All the small changes began to add up.

He had dropped to 183 pounds and 13 percent body fat. Now his energy levels had hit the ceiling. He was able to keep up with his children, and although he was 36, he felt like he was in his early 20s again.

His advice? “Just start moving. at the end of the day You will be glad you succeeded and made it through.”

Adam Daidel

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Adam Daidel

In his first year of college in Chicago, Deidel didn’t accept 15 freshmen—he accepted 30.

He’s always been a “big kid”, weighing over 200 pounds since high school. and the number continues to increase

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At 19, he was the largest ever, weighing 321 pounds and 50% body fat.

So when he returned home from his first year of university and his stepfather and uncle started their own weight loss plan. So he decided to join them.

He started training with about 5 hours of exercise every week. he does cardio walking-running and push-pull exercises

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But a few years later In January of this year, Deidel was still 252 pounds and 20 percent body fat, so he kicked things into high gear.

The biggest difference came when he started tracking what he ate.

“I strongly believe that abs are built in the kitchen,” he said.

He now prepares four meals a day every day of the week. He’s dropped to 198 pounds and has 11 percent body fat.

His results weren’t the only things that kept him going: his stepfather lost 80 pounds and his uncle dropped nearly 200 pounds. They’ve lost about 400 pounds in total.


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