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social worker They’re often portrayed as villains in movies, books, and TV, but did you know that they really are? So what are the signs of psychopaths?

Even if we call people social workerThat’s not really the best word. Pagel Blagov, Ph.D. and associate professor of psychology at Whitman College, these people actually have antisocial personality disorder, he tells Men’s Health. It is a condition in which a person continually manipulates, exploits or infringes on the rights of others without remorse. Medline PlusNo one knows what causes the disorder and some experts theorize that genetics or factors such as child abuse may affect the development of the condition

who we might think of as “The psychopaths” must have a long history of being aggressive or breaking the rules. This means that this behavior did not occur for unknown reasons. said Jeffrey Cohen, PsyD at ColumbiaDoctors..

“We expect to see behavioral abnormalities,” he said. Typical behaviors include aggression against people or animals, theft or serious rule violations. He said estimates show that only three percent of the general population has the disorder.

Only adults over the age of 18 can be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder by a mental health specialist However, there are some common characteristics of people with antisocial personality disorder.

Signs of a Social Worker: Egocentric

Everyone is quite selfish. But the person with the disorder takes it to another level. They first look for their own needs. [and] that will come before the needs of family, children or friends,” Blagov said.

Signs of a Social Worker: Black Heart

It can range from verbal abuse to physical violence, Blagov said. Not everyone exhibits the same stubborn behavior.

Signs of a Social Worker: Manipulative

Blagov explains that these types of people often lie and use people—sometimes to get out of trouble. “This is a lie and self-defense manipulation,” Blagov said, sometimes dictating because they like to have power over other people, he said.

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Signs of a Social Worker: Lack of Empathy

People with antisocial personality disorder don’t feel compassion for others, Cohen said. It’s understood that this makes it difficult to maintain relationships or friendships. And many psychopaths tend to be lonely.

Signs of a Social Worker: Impulsive

According to Blagov, people with the disorder are sensation seekers who tend to be bored. This may be one reason they are prone to engaging in malicious behavior or stealing.

Signs of a Social Worker: Fearless

Being caught prevents most people from engaging in criminal activities such as shoplifting. But people with antisocial personality disorder have little fear and anxiety, Blagov said. “There is no mechanism to stop it.”

Can you cure a psychopath?

Antisocial personality disorder is difficult to treat. health line. Psychotherapy is generally used in combination with medication. And this disease cannot be cured.