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Whether you have a six pack or the desire to create one. Chances are you’ll do crunches or sit-ups or both. And you’re likely doing it obsessively. Because there are few moves that target the abdomen more effectively than either of these two exercises. But contrary to what you may have heard about weight racks, These are not They each have their own subtleties—and you’ll get slightly different results depending on what you choose to do.

That doesn’t mean that the two poses are different. Both require that you start in a supine (face up) position with your knees bent, feet flat, and your fingertips lightly touching behind your ears, but the crunch is an isolation exercise. floor rectus abdominis (eg abs) almost exclusively when you sit up You will need to lift the entire body. Contract your abdomen and other core muscles. including hip flexor muscles and straight thigh muscles

That might make sit-ups seem like the ultimate workout—but there’s a catch. The movement is extremely challenging to do without flicking your lower back. And that increases the strain on your lumbar spine. As a result, trainers tend to prefer crunches over sit-ups in their training programs to save you pain.

Your move: Skip the sit-ups if you can. But don’t focus on making a six pack in particular.

Your rectus abdominis is like any other muscle in your body. To achieve full growth and definition potential Will have to work with a variety of exercises from different angles. Need some inspiration? check out 22 of the best moves to extract your middle..