this is Your Quick Training TipsOpportunity to learn how to work smarter in minutes so that you can exercise properly

when you act Building strength is easy: lift heavy objects, lower them, repeat, but if that’s your only focus on the weight room. You’re neglecting an essential element of athleticism that’s essential to making your strength useful beyond the gym: power.

Many men confuse the term “Strength” and “power” are used interchangeably to refer to the ability to move heavy objects. But the truth is that the two skills are different, requiring different training methods to develop.

strength It can be defined as the ability to exert force to overcome resistance. That’s what allows you to lift the dumbbells off the rack and repeat. Speed ​​has no bearing on strength—it doesn’t matter how long you lift an object, as long as you can lift it.

On the other hand, power is all about speed. It is the ability to exert force quickly. In other words, speed plus force equals power. So while stamina should always be the focus of your workout plan. (Even if you are endurance athlete) It’s important not to shorten the power, because that’s what will make you the bad guy on the playground and in everyday life. Power will take your strength to the next level. It helps you run fast, hit hard, jump high and dominate the competition.

Your move: Add strength training to your strength training program by making it more explosive in your workouts.

You can do this by increasing the speed of classic lifts like squats and deadlifts. olympic elevator such as snatching and clean and jerking and including plyometrics is your routine But don’t limit your strength training to your lower body. including upper body movements such as applause push and spinning throw to create bombs from head to toe