It is a story that is as old as time. Reality TV shows make some body – V-cut abs, eight-pack, big calf – is in great demand And Instagram influencers are promoting ‘magic’ products that deliver results with little effort.

This time, the body part is the jaw line, and the product is a 40-pound rubber ball that you chew on for 10 minutes every day. The result? JawlineMe, an American company and maker of the ‘Fitness Ball & Facial Toner’, says, “Slim, healthier skin. double chin reduced and sharpened jaws.”

Various resistance levels are available starting at ‘Blue Level 1’, where ‘Black Level 3’ is the most advanced. bicepsYou exercise for your arms. For a clearer jaw You should exercise for your face.

Unless you’re already chewing really hard at least three times a day, it’s called eating. We all came back from christmas holiday With a steel chin, why don’t we? That’s right. Because you can’t lose fat in specific areas.

In fact, exercising the jaw muscles too much can do more harm than good. “Face exercises to strengthen the platysma muscles tend to make the double chin worse. and also resulted in the lower face being pulled down. which is contrary to the desired outcome.” Dr. David Jack tell Men’s Health UK.

Not surprisingly, the dentist was not impressed either. “The device could actually damage or break yours. tooth This is due to the hardness of the material used,” Dr Richard Marques of Devonshire Place Dental told MailOnline. “In addition, it can cause TMJ deformities by dislocating your jaw. This can result in pain and difficulty opening and closing your mouth.”

Conclusion: Facial exercises are ineffective. It can damage your teeth and could make the problem worse.